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    Branlin O'Cous

    Post  Branlin on Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:45 pm

    Name: Branlin O'Cous
    Race: Human (Werewolf)
    Age: 354 (looks 25-ish)
    Sex: Male

    Description: Branlin is a 5'8" human, with long black hair, and dark green eyes. When he was 25 he was bitten by a werewolf. His transformation was slow and agonizing. It took almost three weeks before all the pain had gone. He has since spent his life wandering the world, not wanting to settle down, seeing too many of his friends die of old age. He wears a set of half-plate armor, for protection and limited mobility. He uses a bastard sword, he has mastered it and can use it with one hand.

    When he turns into a wolf, he turns completely into a wolf, except he is much larger and retains his hair and eye color. He has razor sharp claws and teeth that can rip through armor.

    Strengths: After living 329 years as a werewolf he has mastered his transformation, being able to switch at will, multiple transformation will still drain him physically though. He can also halt the transformation mid point to have the claws of a wolf but the body of a human. While in human form he is an excellent swordsman.

    Weaknesses: Like any werewolf silver will hurt him significantly more then regular metal. Also when he is a werewolf the silver will force him back into his human state. When he is in his human state regular weapons will still hurt him all the same.

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