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    Nox - New Character


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    Nox - New Character

    Post  GreenSun on Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:31 am

    Name: Nox
    Race: Tiefling (2E)
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Class: Cleric/Thief

    Description: Nox stands just over five feet tall, with the body of a dancer, swimmer, or long-distance runner. She has black hair that she wears cut short. Her eyes are a bright piercing blue. She dresses simply, preferring traveling clothes, muted colors, and voluminous cloaks that conceal her inhuman features.

    Nox is a tiefling, and the taint of the Lower Planes stains her blood. Her skin has a dull grey cast, as though someone rubbed ask into it. Her ears come to sharp points. Finally, she has a tail. The appendage is covered in thin black scales and tipped with a spike.

    Strengths: Raised on the streets, Nox never knew her family. This upbringing has made her independent, outspoken, and brash. Some years ago she took up worship of the God of Thieves, and his benedictions grant her power over luck, trickery, and darkness.

    She credits herself with being an accomplished athlete, swordsman, and master thief.

    Weaknesses: Nox is uncomfortable in direct sunlight, holy places, and in the presence of Upper Planar beings. Fiendish blood makes her quick to anger and slow to trust.

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