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    Post  myst456 on Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:39 pm

    Gregor Daros.

    Barman and owner of the Headless Dragon pub in Sundarr City.
    Gregor is a balding 47 year old man, with a full beard which he rarely trims but always keeps clean, is extremely careful and proud of his beard.
    Gregor is a kind person, always happy to talk and knows alot of the folk tales in the city, and always jumps on the opportunity to share these story with anyone unwise enough to sit and listen to them as he has a habit of telling very long stories and is unable to see hints that the person is not interested.

    Gregor hides a big loss in his life, the love of his life Mary died many years ago and if she is spoken of he gets into a rage and has been known to disappear for days on end merely because he heard the name Mary, even if its not his Mary.
    An ex military man, retiring from service when he reached 35 (same year Mary died, which is connected to the reasons he retired)

    Gergor Daros
    around 5 ft 8inches
    wears a brown (was whiteish) shirt, top button undone, brown cotton trousers and leather boots which military boots, and a black apron with 2 pockets, in 1 he keeps a pencil and paper and the other a cloth for cleaning the tables.
    Balding but what hair is left is light brown, he has black eyes, but not dark black, they are more bright, opening and inviting that anything, a full brown beard, and normally always has a smile which can clearly be seen through his beard.
    A kind man with a past which effects him to this day, always happy to help, but cant handle talking about Mary, the love of his life, can talk for hours.

    Anything can be added to enhance the character, and can be used to move a story on due to his knowledge of folk tales and local stories which is why he is here, the knowledgeable guy whos own story can be added to, to add to future stories Smile

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